Thank You! for your interest in learning more about  Womyn’s Medicine. My services are woven to be client centered to support your healing journey. My vision is to support the community in celebrating all rites of passage while honoring the earth and all our relations.

My full spectrum and integrative approach provides you with information to help increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy, childbirth preparation, labor & birth support, as well as breastfeeding (chest feeding)  and postpartum guidance.

As a birth  doula, I am here to support you in staying focused on whatever type of birth you desire. Whether you decide to give birth at home, hospital, are interested in unmedicated labor, would like to use medication, or seeking to  have a vaginal birth after cesarean. I   am here to assist you in making informed decisions to help you witness your personal transformation.

mixteca birthing

As a postpartum doula, I am here to support your recovery during a major transition in your life. I believe that it takes a village to raise a child. Unfortunately, we don’t always have family support to guide us during such a vulnerable time in our lives.

In my experience, the type of support your receive after giving birth will shape your relationship to self, newborn, community and your perception of parenting. Let me cook you a meal, hold baby while you take a nap or shower, make you a cup of tea, help you with breastfeeding (chestfeeding)  or keep you company.
Ask me how eating your placenta benefits an optimal  postpartum recovery.

Are you seeking to achieve mind-body-spirit wellness? Find out how you can increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy, have work-life balance, or healthier menstrual cycles during our wellness consults.

Peace on earth begins with birth. I envision building healthy communities by  especially supporting  the creation of  people of color and queer families. Being inclusive of every person’s interpretation of the family unit is important to me as well as respecting everyone’s spiritual, religious and cultural background.

I am here to support you! Call or email for a free consultation.