Yolotl Xocholatl

Ingesting cacao in the form of a drink, eating it raw and as dessert has been in my family for many generations. Cacao always brings me back to center, uplifts me & makes me feel grounded. I am so grateful to my ancestors & our sacred mother for blessing us with such a sacred medicine.  There are many medicinal purposes for the cacao. I mainly use this medicine with my pregnant mama’s in labor, after limpias, consultas & whenever I feel I need to some upliftment.

Many of us are experiencing major transitions in our lives, some of us are feeling overwhelmed, experiencing heart aches. Triggers of the past, present & future are arising. Venus Retrograde! Oh my god, I sure am feeling all kinds of ways during this retrograde. Venus retrograde has us on our knees pushing us to examine & re-examine relationships, the love that we have for ourselves & what we need to do to attract the love we deserve, prosperity & abundance.

Whatever we may be going thru at this time, please understand that your are not the only one. Support is out there. Allow yourself to open you heart & receive support. After all, the universe is always on our side & wants us to succeed.  I am sharing with you my special recipe ‘ Yolotl Xocholatl’, a hot chocolate drink for warming the heart. Warming up our corazoncito’s helps us to stay open & present in our body. I hope you enjoy this delicious medicina & I send my prayers your way to help you transmute some of the heaviness in your yolotl (heart).

FullSizeRenderFirst I prayed over the medicine, set intention & gave thanks for the medicina. I continued with toasting a handful of raw cacao beans, peeled them off & started to ground them in my molcajete.

IMG_3633Then, I placed my rose quarts in the semi-grounded raw cacao beans to charge the cacao with the healing benefits of the rose quarts (calls in  love & gentleness, can heal trauma in a graceful way, heart stone). I charged the cacao with the rose quarts for 24 hours. I do more or less & try to work with the maya-mexica calendar to help with intention setting of the type of medicinal xocholatl drink.

IMG_3637I proceeded with adding roses, lavender & chilli pepper. These herbs & spices help to uplift & raise your energetic frequency (makes you feel really good).  Sometimes I infuse the herbs in hot water & add the cacao to the tea. But this time I really felt called to blend them together in my molcajete. Depending on the intention, I use different ingredients.

IMG_3639My sister Luna Sangre grounding up the cacao while I prayed over the medicine.

IMG_3642Sometimes I eat a pinch of raw cacao this way, especially after a ceremony.


Finally, I added the cacao to the canela that had been heating up. I boiled the canela in very low heat until the water turned reddish. Once I mixed all the ingredients, I let them simmer on very low heat. I steeped it for some time as well before I drank it.

IMG_3656Yolotl Xocholatl, gracias, tlazokamati, for your medicina!

How did we feel?

While drinking it I started to feel warm, felt a surge of energy & connected with my body on a deeper level. My sister & I both received messages from the cacao about our current state of our health. We processed some emotions that came up & then began to start laughing. We felt grounded & haven’t been able to stop laughing since.

We further continued with journaling  (exercises listed below).

Journaling exercises:

ce) What is currently filling your heart?

ome) What does self-care look like for you?

yei) Define Self-love

nahui) While taking a deep breath begin to tune in to your heart. Now ask your heart:

What does your heart need to heal itself?

May you receive the healing & blessings that the cacao provides us with.

All my relations,

Mar (ia) River (a)

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