Placenta Medicine

Placenta Encapsulation

The ability to create an organ that will protect your baby inside your womb is an extraordinary task. I honor the opportunity to hold space for your placenta and prepare it to continue providing you with a fast recovery during your postpartum period. By ingesting your placenta you can help to minimize signs and symptoms of perinatal depression, increase milk supply and help you feel revitalized to care for your newborn and family.

The sanctity of your placenta is protected. By using keen observation with my heart and hands, I remove any stagnation from your placenta and fill it with energy healing (Reiki) and love. To ensure your safety, I practice Food handlers’ standards when preparing your placenta. I am also guided by OSHA standards and Universal Precautions to confirm that all my equipment is sterilized and disinfected to prevent that spread of disease.

The transformation of your Placenta into medicine can take up to 72 hours. After dropping off your placenta, I will be checking in with you to provide additional support by phone, text or email to guide you in experiencing the added benefits of ingesting your placenta and receive optimal support during your post birth experience.