To be quite honest, I was one of those people that thought that a doula was a luxury, not a necessity. Lucky for me however, I knew Maria and contacted her as a friend to ask her questions throughout my pregnancy. She was kind enough to offer her services and I took her up on her offer. I look back at how I viewed the Doula’s role and I find myself shaking my head at myself for being so naive. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for having had Maria by my side during my labor. Aside from my precious son, she is the person that I remember the most from that day. She was my rock. She had an amazing ability to adjust to my needs, at times being kind and gentle and other times being firm and direct but all the while exuding love and patience. I would highly recommend her as a doula to anyone. And now after experiencing childbirth I would strongly encourage all women to hire a doula. I still say this to everyone that asks: ” I don’t know what I would’ve done without her”. – Velia


velia and baby


There’s not enough stars in the universe that I would not give to Maria if I could. She is an amazing doula, trusting friend, and hermana.

Maria helped me get through some really tough times, most testing of them all, my birth. She was like the moon in the night sky, shedding her light, guiding my way to birth from within. I had no complications and a 3 hour labor. Without her grounding support I know that I wouldn’t have had such a quick and easy labor. She was a constant reminder that as creator and mother I held the power to birth from within and overcome.
Maria exudes love and I cherish her deeply for all her guidance, education, help and above all her Being.-Juana