Reclaiming Womyn’s Medicine

Medicine Woman. Tia Ma. 2010

“When you resist the spirit of patriarchy disguised as a man who is trying to invade your space and take away your power and medicine, you have just healed from generational trauma and colonization of the womyns  psyche.”-Maria Teresa

Today I had another dream of a man trying to colonize my spirit. I’ve had several of them over the course of my early 20’s to the present moment. The dream goes like this:

I am at a festivity,  I’m coming down the stairs dressed in a beautiful dress and see a handsome man dressed in a military suit. a strong man, red skin, with indigenous features.  He’s waiting for me to meet him to walk into the dance floor. He is really charming with his presence and words. I was tempted to go with him. I remember his smile. I remember his scent. But then I get a weird gut feeling that tells me not to go with him. I choose to leave and go on my own. He becomes more temperamental…

I remember waking up and feeling freaked out. Like I just got myself out of an intense situation. I immediately started to write my morning pages (The Artist way). I felt anxious all morning while remembering all the “dark man” ( Estes, 1992) nightmares I’ve had.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes in her book Women who run with the wolves: “The dark man in  women’s dreams appears when an initiation-a psychic change from one level of knowing and behavior to another more mature or more energetic level of knowing and action- is imminent.”

These dreams are definitely a reflection on my ability to step into and believe in my power as a womyn. When I first started having these dreams, I would totally surrender to their charm. Only to later realize how abusive they were and how they would drain my sexual (creative force) of energy. I would feel this in my dreams and on a psychical level I felt energetically depleted.  The “dark man” dreams have also reflected my ability to “choose” the men that I attracted in my romantic life.

About a year ago, I was removed from a toxic relationship. I am so grateful for the lessons that came with the relationship and even heart ache. after all, I learned so much about myself and my power. This experience became my ‘0’ point as my sister TeoTlacuila likes to call it. I now understand my true value, my worth and my medicine. As I continue to walk on the red road in a humble way, I only allow myself to attract divine love & light.

There are so many ways in which we as people allow our feminine creative force of energy to be colonized. Regardless of gender, we can give our power away by being in toxic relationships, disregarding our intuition and being naive, lack of development of our creativity and gifts. This also includes, resisting to step into our complete power which requires us to embrace both our feminine and masculine energies.

“I choose to reclaim my medicine as a womyn, I allow myself to surrender to the gifts ometeotl has blessed me with. I accept 100% who I am and practice self-love every single day for the rest of my life for eternity and beyond. I choose to share my gifts with my loved ones and community in hopes to create a safe and gentle space for the incoming spirit warriors. I only allow divine love and light to enter my whole being, nothing more and nothing less.”

Furthermore, Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes: “To those women who are quite conscious and involved in social action, the dark man dream seems to be almost a tonic which reminds the woman what she is up against, which encourages her in turn to stay strong, stay vigilant, and to continue the work at hand”- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

There’s a lot of power in the dreams we receive. They are like pieces to the puzzle for the collective unconscious ( Jungian Psychology).  These messages can heal our nation and arm us with strength and tools to overcome many struggles. The following are tips to help you remember your dreams:

Dreamtime tips:

ce) Have a journal and pen by your bed

ome) Affirm to yourself ” I will remember my dreams”

yei) Create a dreaming circle and/or process your dreams with another person

nahui) ground yo’self: to help bring your back into the present moment

For my sisters and relatives who have these ” dark man” dreams Clarissa Pinkola Estes states:

” Practice listening to your intuition, your inner voice; ask questions; be curious, see what you see;hear what your hear; and then act upon what your know to be true.”

La lucha continues for the liberation of mindbody, and all aspects of creation and mother earth. May we continue to transmute the evil energies into pure love.

con amor,

Maria Teresa